To continue to meet the needs of the Web Application Server industry, JEUS Web Application Server supports a robust cloud environment with added performance enhancements and advanced features. The JEUS server is also fully compliant with Java EE 6 and fine tuned for appliances. JEUS provides a variety of enterprise system functions such as transaction control, session management, and distributed session clustering. JEUS’ hierarchical structure maximizes flexibility and extensibility and enables the effective and easy use of business logic. In addition, because JEUS meets the latest full Java EE 6 specifications, JEUS includes an improved lightweight and flexible Java, scalability and developer productivity. Any issue with the functioning of the JEUS server, if not troubleshooted on time, can rupture the very core of these business-critical applications, causing infrastructure downtime and huge revenue losses. This justifies the need for continuously monitoring the external availability and internal operations of the JEUS server. This is where eG Enterprise helps administrators to fulfill their duty in this regard.

eG Enterprise provides a specialized monitoring model to continuously monitor the performance of the JEUS server, so that service level slippages are minimized and user satisfaction with the overlying business services is maximized.