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Microsoft’s MSMQ is a widely used messaging server in Windows environments. In order to ensure that inter-component communication is smooth and swift, the availability and the message processing ability of the MSMQ server should be periodically monitored.

The eG Enterprise suite provides a bouquet of solutions that specialize in monitoring of the MSMQ server. Unlike silo tools that only provide application-specific monitoring expertise, the eG Enterprise provides end-to-end monitoring of an IT infrastructure. This implies that besides messaging servers, eG Enterprise can monitor a wide variety of other applications and network devices that form part of an IT infrastructure. While monitoring a messaging infrastructure for instance, eG Enterprise analyzes the performance of the messaging server in the light of the relationship it shares with other components in the environment, and accordingly determines the state of the server. This approach to monitoring enables eG Enterprise to accurately pinpoint the root-cause of problems that might occur in a messaging infrastructure.